Election questions

by jonrolph

Good Afternoon folks,

I suppose the one great thing about a political blog is the fact that I control all the content.  I don’t have to worry about the 300-400 word limit like I have on my Examiner.com site.  I also don’t have to be beholden to someone else’s political choices like I have to for Local 55.  I had a guy come to my door two nights ago, he was from 55 apparently and wanted to put out the campaign literature for the union’s pick of politicos.  Three names appeared on the paper: Tom Gordon, John Cartier, and some guy named Chris Bullock.  I’ve heard of 2 out of 3, and I gotta tell ya, neither Gordon or Cartier have done anything to get my vote, ever.  Tom Gordon may not have been convicted, but he’s a damn thief.  Sherry Freeberry was a notorious whore back when my father was a union shop steward in the mid-80’s.  John Cartier used a black machinist’s union, The A. Phillip Randolph Institute, the screw over the tenants of Brookview.  Calling the Brookview Tenants’ Council on the carpet of New Castle County chambers, when we refused to dance along to his tune and keep an ineffectual leader as President of the tenants council.  Our county leaders at the time, John Cartier and Bob Weiner, 1 Democrat and 1 Republican got together to pave the way to expel 650 working class families from Brookview, so that Darley Green could be born.

I’m still relatively new to the whole union thing.  my dad was a shop steward for the forestry department of New Castle County back in the early and mid 1980’s.  Back then I remember all the things he used to say about being in a union, I was just too young to understand the implications.  He would always say that the union existed to support the politicians who were in turn supposed to support the union.  Individual members views didn’t always matter.  Now 32 years later, I’m beginning to understand this.  Just because a politician decides to back something popular, doesn’t mean that its in the union’s best interest to blindly vote for them.  I can’t understand why 55 supports Tom Gordon unless there’s some kickback scheme in place.  I know exactly what kind of man Cartier is, just because he supports “the living wage”, shouldn’t mean I have to vote for him to get work.  Work with 55 has been sporadic at best since I hooked up with them 2 years ago.  I wanted to be a part of the PAC, but after seeing who they support, I’m not so sure.

Which brings me to my next point.  Local 55 is out of New Jersey.  I got hooked up with them through the Delaware Skills Center, where I graduated HVAC in March of 2011.  Why they picked the worst economy in recent memory to expand to the most pro-business state in the country, I’ll never know.  It just seems like they’re voting for Gordon and Cartier in the hopes that these men will change how things are done in Delaware.  They won’t.  They will continue to lack the courage and forethought to do what’s right for the working families of New Castle County.  I want to support my union, but can’t stomach backing the wrong horse.

I suppose my political views will continue to evolve with time…I just don’t want to find myself in a situation where I have to surrender my free will and vote for whoever my union tells me to.  55 isn’t local to Delaware, our politicians have a great capacity to lie to anyone.  Our local politicians are also some of the most sociopathic folks I’ve ever met.  With 2 months till the election, I wonder just how little 55 actually knows about the candidates they’re supporting.  I sometimes feel like I should educate them but worry about the consequences, both personally and professionally. I wonder how many people in the country today feel the same?