by jonrolph

Ya know I’ve supported my local union for almost 3 yrs now.  I like the idea of workers bonding together to get the best compensation and benefits that they can.  Lately though, I’m beginning to understand why politicians, Republicans especially, don’t necessarily like unions.  Seems to me that some have lost their way.

For example, I’m out on a jobsite last week.  We’re installing a chimney liner in the city of Wilmington.  We got a 35 ft aluminum liner for a three story house.  Unfortunately, the truck we’re riding in doesn’t have ladder racks so we had to borrow a ladder.  We pull up and out pops this guy I all jamaican jimbob.  This guy had 9 people(2 union, 7 of his own) dig a 6×6 sump ditch to nowhere on the hottest day of the year, with nothing but hand tools.  After that gig, I told my union rep that I really did not want to work with such an incompetent contractor.  So we borrow this 30 ft rickety, half wood-half metal construct of a ladder.  It’s only long enough to reach the first roof so we have to drag another little step ladder up behind us.  Keep in mind that OSHA rules say that you must be tied off anything higher than 6 ft.  I suffer from vertigo and am terrified of open heights.  I got about half way up and have never felt so unsafe in my life.  I come back down, and by this time my union rep just happened to be there.  I go over and playfully remind him of the OSHA regs….and much to my amazement, he tells me that I have to provide my own safety equipment.  Unions were founded on unsafe working conditions and you’d think that my rep would get that.  I haven’t had any work since.  Seems some unions only care about collecting dues.